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One of the cornerstones of the LatiNet was acqureing useful and thematically oriented guides through this wide thematic, it turned out in form of short essays. We now have a dozen quite distinctive ones:

Regional guide through the music of Latin America
Concise overview of styles and authors in countries of Latin America

On traditional musical instruments used in music of Andes with its basic rhythmical patterns
Comprehensive and informative text published with authors consent.

Guide through Latin-American instruments
One of the jewels - multimedia list of the authentic instruments.
Guide through numerous Latin American genres and styles
Comprehensive guide with descriptions of 50 different genres of music (and dance, mostly applicable).
Dictionary of terms
Jewel no. 2 with 260 terms. Completely cross-linked within itself (and to detailed coverage of genres, biographies and instruments).

Guide through countries of Latin America with Caribbees
With help of latinoamericanist Trivo Indjic, we did the elementary on each country!

Guide through popular dance in 20th century
Historical reflection on development of social dance in general in Europe and America
Spread of popular dance in Europe
Short text about spreading dance in Europe.
Geographical and History Guide 
...through Latin America: South and Central A. and Caribbean.
Guide through modern latin production (new music and dance)
Author's permanently updated insight with reflections to new dance styles and music genres
Guide through tropical cocktails
Get to know the most famous summer drinks.
Guide through Latin American carnivals
Biggest and most famous carnivals all through.
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