About this site

An explanation page to "lost" english speaking surfers!

These pages represent a comprehensive Guide to the Latin-American music and dances an general. It's unique in Serbo-Croat phonetic region (i.e. language: most ex-Yugoslav, west Balkan states - in which content can be read: Serbia (incl. Kosovo), Croatia, Montenegro, Bosnia And Herzegovina, and is of non-commercial nature. It's quite pretentious goal (cause of very wide subject) is to promote music (and dance) as capital part of latin-american multi-cultural melting pot. Hopefuly, one day it may be translated, because of it's globally unique approach. Shortly put in technical terms it's a: brief hypertextual multimedia ecyclpaedia.

slikaThere's more than words to it (one should check it best on: The descriptions of musical genres). Most of content is packed with adequate musical background, and descriptive pictures and video to enrich the informative experience of the site.

The main parts of the site are Galleries (text, sound, video, pics) and Guides (on some most-relevant subjects). There are also: biographies, genre descriptions, dictionary, forum, etc.

The site is constantly expanding from 2003 (excl. unfortunate 'recent' 5 yrs. break) and was almost completely authored by one person, though we're continuosly looking for co-authorship and financial help to make things even better, including translating part of it. And better beleive there a space to expand to 'cause of broad thematics. If you are interested in helping or simply say something, please use the Communication page to write to the author (me).

That's it in short. We now know that you're clear about what's this site is about. And now? At least you can take a peak and listen to "taxonomised" musix!

Thanks for visiting. Wish you fun surfin'!